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Brunch at Robie St. Station

Robie St. Station 
2394 Robie St, Halifax

My Brother and I took my Mom out to Robie St. Station for Mother’s Day Brunch on my suggestion, as it has an approachable menu and a bright, funky space. It’s just got that “brunch vibe”. I also hadn’t been there since I reviewed it in 2014, and I’ve never actually been there on a busy weekend, so I figured it was time to re-evaluate the situation.

We arrived at 12:30pm on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, and waited less than 10 minutes for a table, having arrived just before several other groups.

It was a pretty low key month for me in terms of calories and booze (plus, I was vegetarian), so I ordered a green tea and something that would fit into my dietary requirements.

The tea arrived in one of those common metal tea pots, which, unfortunately, didn’t hold enough tea to actually fill my tea cup. I was offered more hot water during the meal, though, without having to request it. No complaints about the service at all.

For the first time since 2014 I had the famous cilbur ($12). This is a Turkish dish of poached eggs in garlic yogurt with aleppo chili butter. At Robie St. Station they add chimichurri for a total flavour explosion!

I love how the soft yokes flow into the yogurt, mixing with the spicy chili and zesty chimichurri. I just spooned a little of everything onto a piece of naan bread bread and it was heavenly! The naan bread itself isn’t anything special – certainly not fresh and blistered out of a tandoor oven, but it does the trick.

My Mom and Brother both went for the safe option: The Remedy ($11): 2 eggs, taters, house-made biscuit and choice of bacon, pork belly, pulled pork or fruit. My Brother predictably got bacon, and my Mother, ever so health conscious, got the fruit.

The eggs were cooked perfectly. The taters were perfectly crispy and seasoned, and I would guess that these are some of the best home fries in the city. My Brother said the bacon wasn’t perfect – maybe a little on the dry/crisp side, but enjoyable enough. The fresh fruit consisted of pineapple and melons and was a refreshing alternative to greasy meats.

That biscuit, tho! This is what elevates this breakfast above the likes of your favourite diner (as if the home fries weren’t enough). I also appreciate that metal ramekins of butter and jam were provided, rather than packages or plastic tubs.

My Mom was quite impressed with the simplicity and quality of this meal, and says she would definitely come back. I STILL have yet to try the Bread Pudding French Toast so I am definitely due for another visit if anyone is so inclined to invite me to brunch! 🙂

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