Blogging from the heart of downtown Halifax, I consider myself to be a “food nerd”  preoccupied with the busy task of food reconnaissance, research and investigation.

I also like a good party.

My main focus right now is running “Food Quests” to determine where the best food is by category, with my Halifax-wide Pizza Quest being one of the most popular.

I like to be attuned to what’s new and trendy, but I also wish to champion those old school classics we know, love, and take for granted. In general, I think authenticity trumps whimsy – but the best judge is always the test of time! More importantly, good food trumps all.

Future endeavors will involve food guides, video, and the fruits of my Canadian food research. I am interested in regional foods, especially Nova Scotian and Canadian foods by province/region. I am a food tourist at heart, and I look forward to doing more travelling and eating.

For all inquires, you can contact me at lindsay@eatthistown.ca



  1. Aaron

    … and I am down with leaving comments! Can I get a “Hell Yeah”?!

  2. Explodingturkey

    Love your blog Shipwrekkt, and enjoy your wit in r/halifax as well!

    • shipwrekkt

      Ah shucks! Thank you, Explodingturkey : )

  3. Burgers

    Yeah! Found your blog through reddit (the bakeapples article) and am now a fan- I would not have guessed that a blog about Halifax burger places would be awesome, but I would have been wrong! Keep up the good work!

    • shipwrekkt

      Hey! I’m glad you found me! Very random Reddit 5 mins of fame, there. I assure you I’ll be be writing about more than Halifax burgers – it’s just a very burgery time right now. Thanks for saying hi, cheers!

  4. Isabelle

    Nice, new to the city and wanted a resource for some good eats. Glad I stumbled on your site

    • shipwrekkt

      You’ve come to the right place! Welcome.

  5. Mark

    Thanks for all the delightful local reviews! I just spent a good 2 hours reading through all of em, and I have to say it was time well spent, and I’m very hungry for pizza, fish & burgers. Keep up the great work

  6. LuLu

    It was awesome having you in Calgary,AB. Clearly, we have much to learn in the style of donair. A sad fact considering we love our meat!

  7. Neil

    Have found several local treasure and reacquainted myself with a few old ones I’d forgot about thanks to this blog. Might even have drooled on occasion while reading through.. lol. Keep up the good work, HRM could use a lot more of this sort of thing. Love the genuine local perspective.

    • Eat This Town

      Thank you so much for your interest and kind words!

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